Friday, December 6, 2013

December 6, 2013

I can never get Isaac to wear a jacket.  Our weather is pretty mild, but sometimes when we walk to school in the mornings it can be in the 40s and is quite chilly.  Even if I forced Isaac into a jacket on the way out the door, he would usually peel it off halfway through our walk and hand it to me.  But that all changed a few days ago when Charlie brought home this camouflage puffer jacket.  Otherwise known as "The Army Jacket."  The army is one of Isaac's current obsessions and he insists that he is going to be an army guy and drive tanks when he gets grows up.  So he is absolutely in love with this jacket and wants to wear it all day long.  I had to laugh today at the playground when Lois, the neighbor girl, was trying to get Isaac to play with her and suggested that he be "the prince."  "No way!" he responded, "I'm an army guy!"  She offered a few more roles including a fireman and an astronaut, but Isaac wasn't the least bit interested and repeatedly insisted her that he was "an army guy."  

And here's Luke at the playground.  We end up here everyday after school and everyday Luke insists that he have his shoes and socks off.  He has often looked down from the top of this climbing wall after climbing the stairs, but today he decided to climb up the wall for the first time.  I held his bum and helped guide his feet for his first few ascents, but after that he was a pro.  

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