Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013

On the two days a week that Luke goes to school I am always faced with a dilemma.  I have just a little over two hours to myself on those days before I have to pick up Isaac.  I want to work out, but if I spend 45 min to an hour exercising and then shower and get ready, then I've used up pretty much all of my "free" time.  That is precious time where I can go grocery shopping, or go to Target, or Costco without having to wrestle anyone into a cart.  I can run multiple errands in record time.  Or better yet, go to the mall!  (Though I can only get one hour in there since it doesn't open till 10:00.)  So more and more often I've found myself skipping workouts on Mondays and Thursdays.  But I've also come up with a pretty good system that helps to maximize my time on those mornings.  I can run Luke the 3 miles to his school in the jogger (he is ready to get out by then anyway), and then leave them both there and run home.  That way I already have my workout half done when I drop him off, AND I get a nice outdoor run while only being stuck with the stroller for half of it.  It's a winner.

When Isaac and I came to pick Luke up today Isaac jumped in the jogger.  He is way too big for it and looks ridiculous, but that doesn't stop him.  Luke on the other hand is more than happy to walk and wanted to help push too.

Also, in case anyone had forgotten - this blue and white striped shirt is Luke's favorite one.  He randomly declared it to be so a few months ago and has stuck with it.  Anytime I am holding him while picking out clothes in his closet he always grabs for this shirt and begs to wear it.  He says "A favorite shirt!  Please Mom?  Can I?"  Of course you can Luke.  You are too cute to say no.

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