Saturday, December 7, 2013

December 7, 2013

This morning I took the boys to the annual ICEC Christmas party.  I have learned from our past experiences to get there early before it gets too crowded and crazy - especially since it was raining today and all of the outdoor activities were being moved indoors!  The boys decorated cookies, made reindeer antlers, visited Santa, and each got to pick a wooden toy (they both chose an airplane) made by the "elves" (some nice old people at the Senior center who make and donate toys every year).

Tonight Charlie sent me out Christmas shopping all by myself!  I spent a couple of hours walking around the mall and trying to get as much done as I could.  I stopped for dinner at Wahoo's and seriously enjoyed my meal.  Food always tastes so much better when I can eat it while it's warm and without any interruptions.  

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