Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013

This was not one of our better hair cutting experiences.  In the last year or so Isaac has gotten really difficult with haircuts, which is odd since he was pretty easy as a toddler.  Today he had a major attitude with this poor stylist and kept telling her that he didn't like the "saw" that she was using to cut his hair.  Despite all attempts at reasoning with him, he kept insisting that the clippers were in fact a saw that was going to cut his head.  Sometimes I seriously can't tell if he is being difficult on purpose or if he is really just crazy.  Anyway, I couldn't stand around trying to talk sense to Isaac very long because a moment later Luke was darting out the open door and down the sidewalk of the strip mall heading who knows where.  I dragged him back inside but then it became a game for him and my attempts at keeping him entertained inside were failing miserably.  So pretty much just a typical outing for us.  Isaac misbehaving and Luke running away.  

At least Luke tried to be helpful at clean-up time tonight.  Here he is "sweeping" up (or rather, sending them flying all over the room) Isaac's Legos with a bug catching net.

I was impressed with Isaac's creativity today.  A few of his friends at school have gotten parachuting army men from the treasure box and Isaac has been super envious of them.  Today he decided to make one of his own.  He colored a piece of paper with army camouflage and then taped on a piece of curling ribbon and tied it around a Lego guy.  It even kind of works and Isaac is really proud of himself.  (But Santa also has a real one to leave in his stocking on Christmas.)

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