Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17, 2013

Today Meadowpark had a carnival out on the playground.  It was put on by the upper grades as a fundraiser for a charity.  The younger kids could buy tickets and go around to play all of the games.  I am picking up Chris from school all this week so I had three boys who wanted to go in three different directions.  The water balloon slingshot was one of the first things Isaac spotted, and despite the very long line, he was insistent that this is what he wanted to do.  After waiting forever, and me running off after Luke a million times, they ran out of water balloons just before Isaac's turn.  Cue the crying.  Total disaster.  Isaac was having a toddler-like tantrum, while Luke was running into the fire of the water guns at the next game over, and I had no idea where Chris was.  I love my kids, but they are really hard to take anywhere.  We're pretty much a circus anywhere we go and I usually leave feeling totally defeated and exhausted.  Anyway, they did eventually restock the water balloons so Isaac got a turn with the slingshot.  He shot it super far and was very proud of himself.

Next we had Steve over for a few hours while his parents went Christmas shopping.  I think Steve played more with Luke than with Isaac because Isaac had transformed into his alter ego, Mr. Bossy.

But to end on a happy note, here is a funny story from the day.  Our neighbor who is a realtor dropped off some pictures for the boys to enter into her coloring contest.  The prize is a Toys R Us gift card, so Isaac took the coloring pretty seriously.  He normally does not enjoy coloring and only does it when he has to at school.  And Luke will color for about 90 seconds before he loses interest.  He used a rainbow of colors to scribble around a little on his paper and then he was done.  While Luke was coloring at the table Isaac came over to take a peak.  He took one look and then exclaimed "Ooooh, poor Luke!  He's going to lose!"  Haha.  Yes, he probably will.  I was just happy to see Isaac showing an ounce of concern for his little brother.

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