Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013

It probably looks a little strange to be pouring water into the middle of the Christmas tree.  But not if you have one of these:

The greatest invention of all time!  A bit of an exaggeration yes, but seriously I LOVE this thing.  I found it last year at the Christmas tree lot for only $2.99, and I would have gladly paid much more for this little miracle worker.  I always hated climbing under the tree, trying to reach through all of the branches, pushing aside presents, and unfastening the tree skirt in an attempt to pour the water in even though I could never tip the pitcher at quite the right angle since the branches were in the way.  Such a pain.  But thanks to this handy tool, Christmas tree watering is now easy peasy!  And I even have a super cute little assistant to help me.

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