Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 3, 2013

How many children can you count in this photo?  There are three of them in that pile.  And two more somewhere else in the house.  And two dogs.  My friend Sherri and her kids came over for dinner tonight.  Charlie is in NYC and Sherri's husband is in law school.  Isaac and Daniel were born only a week apart and we've been having play dates for years.  They've become a little more chaotic over time, but are still just as much fun.  

At one point during the night Luke came to me with a head full of dripping wet hair.  I was truly bewildered by the situation and was a little worried about what the story might be.  What I found was a bathroom sink full of water and the kids testing out Isaac's hexbug fish.  Though I still never really figured out how that translated into Luke having wet hair.  

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