Saturday, August 10, 2013

August 10, 2013

As soon as we were all up this morning we hurried and got going to Laguna Beach.  During the summer it gets so crowded there that if you are not at the beach early you will never find a parking spot and will also get stuck in tons of traffic going through Laguna Canyon.  We arrived at Crescent Bay just after 8:00 and were immediately greeted by volunteers from the local Marine Animal rescue center letting us know that they were planning to release two baby sea lions back into the ocean that morning. It was fun to watch the little guys waddle down to the water and swim away.  One disappeared quickly but the other stayed and played in the surf for awhile.  Charlie is convince they will die or be eaten by sharks but I am a little more optimistic for these little fellows.

It was cool and cloudy for the first few hours but we had fun walking up and down the beach and exploring in the rock caves.  Luke was all to eager to run into the water and Charlie & I had to be careful not to let him get too wet so that he wouldn't be freezing cold while waiting for the sun to come out.

Isaac and I built a little city of sand pyramids.

And we can't ever come to this beach without visiting the tide pools.  Charlie helped Isaac harvest muscles from the wet rocks down by the water.  Then they smashed open their shells with a rock and lured the crabs out of their hiding spots with the muscle meat.

Last time we were here Luke got really upset about his water shoes getting wet after a wave splashed him.  This time I made sure to explain to him that the water shoes were supposed to get wet!  And after that he was simply delighted to walk through the shallow water with his water shoes.  "Water shoes!!" he exclaimed over and over as he splashed through every puddle he could find.

By mid morning the sun had finally come out and we all got warmed up.  Charlie of course dove into the ocean, but the water was still way too cold for my liking.  We packed up and headed home right around lunch time.  It was a perfect easy and relaxing beach trip.

Tonight was my cousin Dallin's wedding reception.  He married this cute girl named Angela whom I had never met until tonight.  My aunt Janet & uncle Wayne and their family live in Huntington Beach but we usually only end up seeing them a couple of times a year.  We need to be better about that!  Anyway, it was fun to get together tonight and celebrate the happy couple.

My aunt Kay and my cousins Lyndie & Jandie were in town from Utah for the wedding, so we snapped this picture with all of the girl cousins together.  We were missing my sister Lisa and my cousins Becky & Betsy, but this is still a pretty good group of us.  We should have gotten Angela in the picture but I think she was dancing with her dad at the time.

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