Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Oh man, we were really going stir crazy today.  We didn't have a lot on the schedule and the boys were bouncing off the walls.  Summer vacation is starting to feel really long.  We rode bikes to the Woodbridge Community Park because it has a huge open field, and then I launched off these crazy balloons for the boys to chase.  We usually do these at home and they make a whistling noise and just circle around the living room.  And then Cracker barks and chases them and tries to bite them.  It was fun to set them off at the park because they can really go up pretty high.  Isaac loved it and could have done this for hours, but Luke got tired of it after the first couple of balloons.  Anyway, it was a fun way to burn off some energy and then we took the long way home on our bikes and got Super Mex take out for dinner.  Five days down, three more to go.  

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