Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013

My friend Jodie lives in Ladera Ranch where they have a lot of community parks and pools, similar to Woodbridge.  She invited us to come and go to their water park this morning and we were excited to go.  Unfortunately, right as I was pulling up she called and told me there was a change of plans.  She had invited some other friends and was unaware that there was a guest limit policy and she couldn't bring so many friends in at once.  I was bummed but the boys didn't know too many details about this "water park" we were supposed to go to, so the splash pad that we headed to next was still plenty of fun for them.

When we got home I was trying to get Luke to sit still for another warm compress on his eye, so I pulled out a new DVD called "Puppy Party" which just shows a lot of puppies running around playing and wrestling.  We did get a few minutes with the compress but then the boys decided that they wanted to wrestle like the puppies.  Of course their stuffed dogs had to be included in this wrestling match too.  So much for sitting quietly!  (Cracker's paw is fine today, by the way.  Such a relief.)


  1. Carrie,
    Will you email me and tell me what kind of carpet you have in your boys' bedroom? We are putting carpet in our basement and I want a shorter, pattern carpet just like that!

    1. Oh, I also want to know how you like it?