Saturday, August 3, 2013

August 3, 2013

Isaac was invited to a laser tag birthday party for his friend Hudson today.  This was his first time playing laser tag and he asked me questions about it all week leading up to the party.  He told me he was nervous but I knew he would love it.  And of course he did.  It was kind of hilarious to be in the room watching the battle.  All of these 5 and 6 year old boys running around and shooting each other.  No one used much stealth, but rather they would stand directly in front of each other and shoot one another for a few seconds before running away.  Isaac is already begging to go back and play again. 

Later this afternoon we went to the bike shop for Charlie to pick out a new bike for his upcoming birthday.  Isaac quickly picked out a bike for himself and started riding circles around the shop.  Luke really wanted to ride too so I pushed him around on this little 12" bike.  He was cracking me up because he found this helmet with a mohawk of spikes across the top and was begging to wear it.  Charlie picked out a beach cruiser which he ended up having to ride back home because we couldn't fit it into the back of his Audi (even though we'd brought two cars just for that reason).  

Then tonight we went to Trader Joe's and this was Luke's first time with a little shopping cart.  Isaac always gets one but he is terrible with it.  Despite our constant warnings to watch out and slow down, he never does.  He basically runs in wild circles around the store taking out other shoppers ankles.  For that reason, I try to avoid ever bringing Isaac to Trader Joe's.  But tonight we all went together and Isaac had a little cart, and Luke saw it and wanted one too.  Luke was much better behaved than Isaac and followed along obediently next to the big cart.  And he got really excited every time we put his favorite foods into his little cart.  "Toast!"  "Cheese!"  "Cookies!" (which Isaac took out and put in his cart).   It was quite adorable.  

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  1. Love your updates Carrie! And I love reading about your kids. Such smart, fun boys!