Friday, August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013

Sandy & her kids were supposed to come over this afternoon to go to the pool and the bike park.  Sandy got caught up doing other things so they showed up about six hours later than planned, but Chris came too (Charlie is out of town).  We skipped the pool and just had dinner and then headed over to the bike park for awhile.  As they were getting ready to leave we were talking about Isaac being almost as tall as Ryan and asked them to stand next to each other.  The other kids hurried and lined up too.  They looked like little stair steps.

Here is Luke at the bike park riding Hailey's Tinkerbell scooter.  He was SO determined to ride it and got it moving pretty good but had a hard time keeping it on the path.  I should probably get him one of his own - one that doesn't have fairies on it.

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