Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013

Today we got together with some friends that we haven't seen in sooo long.  Jodie & I met at ICEC when Lincoln and Isaac were in a program together.  Lincoln was also in Isaac's karate class for awhile, but they stopped going a few months before we did and I don't think we had seen them since then.  We met up at a park this morning and let the kids run and play while Jodie and I chatted and caught up on life.  

Then later this afternoon we met up with more friends at the lagoon.  Isaac went to Hudson's birthday party last week but before that it had been months since we'd gotten together with these guys.  When Isaac was ready to dry off I wrapped him up and directed him towards a chair but he didn't make it that far.  He opted instead to lay in the warm sand and stayed all rolled up in a ball for quite awhile.  In fact he sat so still that a bird came and landed on his back.  He thought that was hilarious so he called Hudson over to join him.  They decided that they were turtles and tried to hold really still waiting for more birds to come.

Meanwhile, Luke was having fun scooping up buckets of sandy water and watching it pour onto his lap.  Then he would exclaim "dirwy!" and scoop up some more water to wash himself off with.

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