Thursday, August 8, 2013

August 8, 2013

Since we are transferring next week, this was Luke's last day with his speech therapist Kim.  Her dog Tilly is trained as a therapy dog and comes to work with her everyday.  Isaac used to see Kim too and when he stopped Luke took his spot with her.  So we've been working with Kim for over a year and we are sad to be done.  Except we might end up going back there due to some insurance stuff... we'll see.

Anyway, one thing that I am NOT sad about with this transfer is that I won't be going to the gym in Fountain Valley anymore!  Our LA Fitness in Irvine just opened a year and a half ago so it is new and clean and has great equipment.  Also, I took this for granted before, but the people who go there are overall pretty young, fit, and generally motivated.  Oh my goodness, it is like a night and day difference at the Fountain Valley location.  The gym is old and run down, and kind of smells.  They have ancient treadmills with no TVs on them so I can't even watch Bravo while I run (first world problems, I know).  I tried attending a class once but the instructor was about 65 years old and the average age of the class participants was about the same.  I left after 15 minutes when we were still exercising our wrists.  I will have to say though that Isaac really loved the kids club at this location, so I decided against telling him today that we are likely NEVER going back there!   

Last but not least for today, I had a dentist appointment.  I hadn't been to the dentist in about three years and I needed to go for a check-up and cleaning.  I purposely scheduled a 4:30 appointment thinking that Charlie could just come home from work a little early and watch the boys.  But he ended up getting called to the YM Presidency and had to attend Stake Youth Conference today.  So I did what I never do and actually hired a baby-sitter.  I have had the privilege of being her primary teacher two separate times over the past few years and have always been so impressed with this girl.  She is 13 now and right at the age where baby sitting is still exciting and she is not too busy with friends and other activities to want to do it.  Or at least she seemed really excited, ha!  The boys had a great time with her and I am already planning when Charlie & I should go out and have her come back. 

And as for the dentist - this sounds weird - but it was really relaxing!  Even though the hygienist was doing her thing with my teeth, I was just laying there watching Chevy Chase Summer Vacation and reading the subtitles, and I was totally relaxed.  Call me crazy, but I loved it.  Except I have a cavity and have to go back so that part was not so great.  

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