Sunday, August 11, 2013

August 11, 2013

We have been trying for months to convince Isaac to take the training wheels off of his bike.  He always insisted that he needed to keep them on and was not ready yet.  Last week when Charlie bought his new bike he told Isaac that he needed to learn to ride without the training wheels so that we can buy him a new bike too.  He really is getting too big for this one.  So last week Charlie took off one training wheel.  Today we rode over to the elementary school and took off the other.  Isaac did great!  He needs help to get going and is a little unsteady with turns, but he was doing really well riding.  I am so proud of him!  He is not the most motivated child and getting him to try new (hard) things is always a challenge.  Way to go Isaac!

Also, Charlie bought a bike seat for Luke yesterday and installed it on his new bike last night.  He's a little disappointed that his cool new beach cruiser is now a "nerdy dad bike" as he calls it.  But since that was the whole point of him buying the bike - to take the boys on bike rides - I think it works out well.  And Luke absolutely loves it!

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