Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 31, 2013

This afternoon we went to a BBQ & pool party for Isaac's Primary class.  He's had the same teachers, the Moraffah's, for two years now and they've been really great with Isaac.  The kids have been working on memorizing their Articles of Faith and the party was supposed to be a reward for them.  One of the dads had all of the kids lined up at the edge of the pool to do diving contests.  He would yell out a different kind of dive each time (pencil dive, cannon ball, jack knife, etc) and have them all take turns jumping in.  It was really funny to watch and the kids all had a blast.  (In this photo Isaac is at the far right squatting down.)  It was a fun party until a two year old girl nearly drowned.  She was like 4 feet from me but my back was turned and nobody noticed until she was already motionless under the water.  Luckily her dad pulled her out and she was just fine, but it was still really horrible to witness.

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  1. Worst. Nightmare. Ever. About the two year old girl, that is.