Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

After church we were snacking on some chocolate covered pretzels.  Luke wanted one (of course) and we were kind of shocked when we looked over and saw what a mess he had made with one little pretzel!  Also, if you notice the Jeep on the table - it is one of his favorite things to play with lately.  Karl & Janelle gave it to Isaac several years ago because it looks just like Karl's Jeep.  Luke LOVED the Jeep rides when we were in Utah last month, and now he plays "Jeep ride" with his "guys" - the Playmobile.  Also whenever he spots a Jeep on the road he always excitedly shouts "JEEP RIDE!"  

After Luke's nap Charlie wanted to take the boys on a bike ride with his new bike.  Isaac says Charlie is cheating because he is using his birthday gift before his birthday.  But that didn't stop Isaac from going along for a ride today.  Luke can't pedal by himself yet so I followed behind Charlie & Isaac for 2 1/2 miles pushing Luke on his tricycle.  After we got back home Charlie took Luke for a quick loop around our front courtyard.  Luke giggled and shrieked the whole time.  We will be buying a bike seat soon!

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