Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 18, 2013

Sandy & Chris took pity on me and my loneliness and invited us over for dinner tonight.  I honestly don't mind it that much when Charlie travels for work, except for on the weekends.  The days feel really long since we don't have our regular scheduled activities and there are no friends to hang out with since they are doing things with their own families.  And Sundays, since we can't go too many places, feel especially long.  Anyway, it was nice to visit and have dinner and let the kids play.  (They don't normally eat off of a card table, but are waiting on a new table right now.)

Katie was showing off some of her gymnastics skills and Luke thought she was super cool.  He mastered doing somersaults on his own and had me help him do some cartwheels too.  He also found these plastic yellow glasses that he wanted to wear the rest of the night.  Ryan introduced Isaac to Lego Star Wars on the X-Box, and you better believe that was a huge hit.  We are thankful for cousins!

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