Friday, October 11, 2013

October 11, 2013

The other day our neighbor knocked on the door to let me know that my tire was really low.  (This was also the day that Isaac had off of school.  I had gone to the gym and was just getting out of the shower when he knocked.  I told Isaac "DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!" but apparently he heard me wrong... or didn't hear me... or just didn't care what I said because he opened the door!  Cracker ran out barking and Luke followed behind him and poor Peter was standing on the doorstep looking bewildered while I hurried to throw some clothes on.)  Anyway, I tried getting air at the gas station but after two rounds of quarters it was still looking flat, so today I had AAA come and put the spare on.  He discovered a nail in my tire so hopefully that can just be patched.  The boys were both super excited about watching this procedure and Isaac even chimed in to give the guy instructions on how to change the tire.  So helpful, that kid.  

This afternoon we met up with more friends (Jodie and her kids Lincoln, Marshall, and Adeline) at Castle Park.  That makes three trips to our new favorite park this week.

We also went out shopping this evening looking for Halloween costume pieces.  Isaac wants to be Luke Skywalker and when we talked about this we were looking at a picture of Luke from A New Hope where he has the white top, tan pants, brown boots, and blue light saber.  I ordered some used brown UGGs for $10 off of EBay thinking they would be perfect but when they arrived Isaac burst into tears and told me "No Mom!  Not THAT Luke Skywalker!"  He clarified that he wants to be Luke from Return of the Jedi in the black outfit with the green light saber.  So I'm starting from square one again piecing together a costume.  Tonight we found some black boots and Luke was more than happy to stomp around in the unwanted brown boots.  

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