Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 8, 2013

Isaac's school is having parent teacher conferences this week and the kids had today off of school.  We had nothing scheduled so I decided to take the boys to the beach for a few hours.  We stopped at the donut shop on the way.  The boys are really loving donuts lately.  And I'm not gonna lie - I do too.  They didn't have Isaac's favorite chocolate cake w/ chocolate frosting donut and he was pretty bummed.  He settled for a chocolate bar.

We normally play at the playground off of 15th Street on the Peninsula, but it is actually a school playground (what lucky kids to grow up going to school on the beach, right?) and Newport district was still in session today so we drove a little further down and went to Peninsula Park instead.  The boys both had fun climbing this big rope structure and swinging around like Tarzan.

Eventually I coaxed them away from the playground and down towards the water to eat some lunch and dig in the sand.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the beach was nearly empty.  I was tempted to stay the whole day but since we had plans for later on I figured it was best to go home for nap time.  

We met up with Sherri and her kids at Castle Park.  Daniel & Isaac had fun ruling the castle while Sherri and I stayed with the little ones on the swings and the playgrounds.  Luke is fascinated by public restrooms and really liked this sink because the water came out in a spray like a shower.  He said his hands were taking a shower.  Next we all headed to Super Mex for dinner.  Our table was chaos.

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