Friday, October 4, 2013

October 4, 2013

We have SO many toys.  Way too many.  I need to do a major clean-out but it is hard for me.  I am a bit of a hoarder and toys are one of my weaknesses.  Today Isaac pulled out his Diego train set, which hasn't been played with in months, and set up the track to go across the hall from Luke's room to his.  He said it was going "all around the whole world!"  He and Luke took turns loading and unloading all of the Lego guys into one of the train cars and then sending it back and forth across the hall to each others rooms.  They played nicely together for quite awhile before the inevitable fighting began and I had to step in to referee.

Luke had a tough evening.  Charlie took the boys out for a walk but turned around and came home 10 minutes later.  Today was super windy and Luke is absolutely terrified of leaves.  Leaves floating in pools have always freaked him out for some reason.  Tonight the wind is blowing dry leaves all over the place and that didn't go over well with Luke.  He was still super upset when they got home.  Then while I was using the bathroom Luke came to my door and told me that he had to go, but 30 seconds later when I came out he had already had an accident.  That made him cry even more, poor thing.  I couldn't seem to get him calmed down so Charlie gave in and handed over the googin and pacifier and he was instantly calm.  He laid and watched the train go around and round until it was time for bed.

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