Saturday, October 5, 2013

October 5, 2013

Charlie left today for Brazil and Chile.  He'll be gone for a full week.  Boo.  He flew out of LAX, and even though he could have just as easily parked a car, we decided to all drive up together.  We wanted to take the boys to the In N Out on Sepulveda right next to the airport where you can watch all of the planes landing.  We had an early lunch and sat outside to get the best view of the planes.  The first few that went by had Luke screaming with excitement.

Here's a quick video clip, though I missed some of Luke's best reactions.  

It was hot and sunny and Isaac insisted that he needed Charlie's sunglasses.  I love these photos of him. He looks like Mr. Cool California dude.

After Luke's nap (and trying to watch part of General Conference while Isaac was asking me 1,000 questions) I suggested that we go to the park.  I was thinking of a nearby Woodbridge park but Isaac was begging to go to the "castle park" that he had seen on the other side of town.  I obliged and the boys both had fun running everywhere and exploring.  Isaac found some college age kids with this cool remote control car and they let him take a turn driving it.  It is now on his Christmas list.

We grabbed a quick fast food dinner and the boys got these nerdy Shrek costumes in their kids meals.

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