Friday, October 18, 2013

October 18, 2013

This morning after Luke's OT appointment I had to return something to Home Depot.  We passed a Jamba Juice and it sounded really good to me.  I always make my own smoothies at home, but I decided I'd try Jamba today.  I asked Luke what kind he wanted and he said "green."  That's my boy!  Ha.  But they were out of green.  Huh?  So we went with a fruit & yellow veggie smoothie.  Makes me wonder what they are actually putting in there when they just call it "green veggie" and "yellow veggie."  Anyway, we sat outside by the fountain and enjoyed our yellow smoothie.

While we were at OT Luke's therapist Lis asked me if we were doing the Parent's Night Out tonight.  ICEC offers this every few months where a few staff members volunteer in the evening to watch children and parents can go out for a couple hours.  We did it a few times when Isaac was attending there but I hadn't even heard about it this time.  I checked at the front desk on our way out and coincidentally they had just had a cancellation so there were two spots open for Isaac & Luke.  Hooray!  I texted Charlie to see if he would be my date.

We went for sushi at Tokyo Table.  We went on a date here a few months ago and I remember it tasting sooo good to me.  Tonight's meal did not disappoint.  We shared tempura vegetables, bacon wrapped asparagus, a lobster dynamite appetizer, and three sushi rolls: the OMG roll (our least favorite - too creamy), a Rainbow roll, and a Citrus Salmon Summer roll (our favorite - super light and yummy).

Every time Charlie and I go on a date I am reminded of how fun it is and wonder why we don't do it more often.  But we do have a big week long date coming up soon, so I guess I can't complain too much.

I had to snap a photo to commemorate our evening.  Charlie thinks I am a nerd and teases me about my photo blog, but I know he secretly loves it.  He didn't love the super bright flash though.

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