Wednesday, October 23, 2013

October 23, 2013

Charlie is in NYC so it was left to me to take the boys on their “run” this evening.  Isaac had been talking non-stop about the coyotes that he saw at school today.  Woodbridge has developed a major goose problem and in an effort to get rid of them they are setting out coyote decoys to scare the geese off.  I read about this in our association newsletter last month and I have actually been kind of wanting to see one.  So when Isaac kept telling me about the coyote out on the field at school I decided we should go check him out.  Isaac was really really excited to show me, but when we got there the coyote was no where to be found!  As you can see, Isaac was quite disappointed.  Turns out they move the coyotes around all day long and put them away at night.  We stayed and played on the playground for awhile instead before heading home.  

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