Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 6, 2013

Since today was General Conference we were at home all day long.  I got to watch some of it while Luke was napping and the rest tonight after the boys were in bed.  During Luke's nap I even got Isaac to come and sit with me for a bit.  I know he was listening, at least for a few minutes, because he started asking lots of questions about Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on mental illness.

My friend Christy and her baby came over between sessions since her husband and older son are out of town.  But by 4:00 when Luke was up from his nap and we hadn't left the house all day, the boys were starting to get a little crazy.  Isaac especially was so wound up and literally bouncing off the furniture.  I knew we had to get out, so we went on a walk and ended up at the elementary school where we played on the playground for a long time.  

On the walk home Luke got running too fast and fell face first when the sidewalk dipped down for a driveway entrance.  He scratched up both of his knees pretty bad.  I eventually got him calmed down at home, but he insisted that he did not want bandaids and every few minutes would start whimpering again about his knees hurting.  So sad.  He went and got his googin (blanket) and laid it on his leg and then told me that it was all better.  So I tied the blanket around his knee for him and he thought that was really funny.  

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