Thursday, October 24, 2013

October 24, 2013

Today Luke’s school had a field trip to the Tanaka Farms pumpkin patch.  It is a real working farm and it has a much nicer feel than all of the bounce house, spook house, mechanical ride stuff that is going on at the Johnson Brother’s patch that we normally go to.  Luke was most excited about riding on the tractor.  It was actually a wagon being pulled by a tractor but he still loved it.  

First we rode over to the petting zoo.  Luke normally loves animals but he was not so excited about the sheep and goats that we met today because he said that they were dirty.  It was certainly smelly in their little pen and the floor was covered with droppings.  Luke did not like it one bit and kept asking to leave.  He does not like dirty.  He told me repeatedly “Let’s get out of here Mom.”  

Next the wagon drove us out to the vegetable fields and we got to pick carrots, green onions, radishes, and green beans.  Luke especially liked picking the carrots and ate them all up for his snack later that day.  

We also got to choose a pumpkin to bring home.  Luke originally told me that he wanted a really big one, but once he tried picking them up he changed his mind.  He said “I have little hands.  I want a little pumpkin.”  This kid.  He kills me with his cuteness.  He found the perfect little pumpkin that he could carry and was so excited to bring it home.  He carried it around all day long, 

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