Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 16, 2013

Tonight Charlie had to go to a few stores to pick up some products for work.  First stop was Bed Bath & Beyond.  Isaac was in heaven checking out the gadget wall.  For reals, this kid loves kitchen gadgets.  Charlie has some info-mercial type videos on his iPad that demonstrate a few of the products he sells.  Isaac will sit and watch them all and then repeat them back to us verbatim to tell us how great the Zyliss products are.  It is super funny.  Tonight he was really fascinated by a meat ball maker that he found. 

Next stop Wal Mart.  Bleh.  But they had cheap pumpkins so we loaded up a few of them (we will still go back to the patch).  And Charlie got the stuff he needed.  Isaac thought he was really cool pushing the cart with Luke hanging on the side.  And Luke thought he was really cool hanging off the side like Isaac usually does.

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