Sunday, October 20, 2013

October 20, 2013

Today we attended my cousin Jason's mission farewell in Huntington Beach.  Jason and his sister Jacie are twins and I remember the summer that they were born I was 15 years old and I went to stay with their family for a week and help my aunt Karen.  That seems like so long ago and yet I kinda can't believe that this guy is all grown up!  Jason will be serving a Spanish speaking mission in Chicago and I know he'll be an awesome missionary.  His talk today was super impressive.  

Afterwards we went to his grandparent's house for a luncheon.  They have a cool "sport court" backyard with lots of play things for the kids.  Luke loved making baskets with Dad and all of the kids played outside for hours riding bikes, scooters, and plasma cars.  I should have taken some better pictures but I was too busy chatting it up with family and friends inside.  

I thought it was super funny that my sister Sandy showed up wearing the exact same top as my aunt Karen.  We all got a good laugh from this.  Sandy said she knew when she tried it on that it looked like my mom's style - and apparently my mom's sister's style too!

Luke is happy anytime cookies are involved.  This kid looooves cookies.  On the way home (while he was eating one more cookie that he grabbed for the road) we told him that he is a cookie monster.  He laughed but told us no, he's not!  I beg to differ Luke.

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