Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

This morning at Luke's pre-school one of the teachers had her police officer husband come to show the kids his police car.  I told Luke about this last night and he was so excited.  The first thing he said when he got up this morning was "I sit in the drivers seat!  Beep horn!  Lights!  Me!  I wanna go!"  He could not wait.  When we pulled into the parking lot he immediately spotted the police car with it's flashing lights and ran right over to climb into the drivers seat.  The officer let Luke talk into his two-way radio and he got to push all of the buttons to make the sirens and lights go and beeped the horn.  He loved it and did not want to get out to take photos with the other kids on the hood of the car.

After school and lunch we drove out to Sandy's house for the afternoon.  We haven't been there in awhile and all of the kids were excited to play together.  Sandy had to go to a parent teacher conference so I was in charge for awhile.  It was a little chaotic with all of these little monkeys together in one room, but they do have loads of fun together.  They are blurry in the photo because they don't stop moving.

Here they are watching the shrinky dinks in the oven.

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