Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 22, 2013

This week is Red Ribbon week at Isaac’s school and they have a different theme each day for how the students are supposed to dress.  Today was “Mismatched Day.”  I guess Isaac thought he didn’t look crazy enough because when I came to pick him up I found that he had turned his shirt inside out and backwards.  We may need to have another talk about keeping our clothes on in public.  

This afternoon we did pumpkin patch round 3 with my friend Sherri and her kids.  More pony rides, more haunted houses, more bounce house, teepees, feeding goats, pulling wagons, and riding the mechanical vehicles.  The kids all had a blast and Sherri and I quickly realized that we were spending a small fortune on bounce houses.  You buy tickets at the front, and each is $1.50.  By the time you get to the bounce house that costs 4 tickets you’ve kind of forgotten that it actually costs $6!  Times four kids.  These pumpkin patch people are making a killing!

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